SET TRÀ ĐEN BIẾU TẾT 2021 (200gr) - Trà Đông Sơn - Thương hiệu trà có chất lượng tốt nhất
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SET TRÀ ĐEN BIẾU TẾT 2021 (200gr)

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4 reasons to choose Black Olong tea box as a Tet gift in 2021:

Tea box belongs to the high-class product line, which is durable, beautiful and highly aesthetic.

Dong Son Black Tea is made from fresh tea buds of the best quality, carefully selected by hand. Pharmaceutical is produced by special manual methods, producing a line of black tea products with ripe fruit flavor, honey taste and mild sour taste, soft sweet water, extremely easy to drink.

– Dong Son black tea is packaged in a white vacuum bag, does not print much, high-quality bag material, thick enough, does not leak light and air, helps to best preserve the quality of the tea inside.

Weight: 200gr, including 1 pack of Olong Dat Viet and 1 pack of Olong Huong Viet vacuum 100gr

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