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Small shops are most suitable for providing high quality coffee tea products

     If you want to start a business and are looking for a small shop specializing in “Tea – Coffee”, “Dong Son” is the right choice for you.

Tea lovers all over the world admire the high quality and variety of teas, We have nearly 100 the most diverse types of tea, including: Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Health Tea and authentic types of coffee. You want to learn about teas, you want to try or mix all kinds of tea, coffee … to get the product you need. Please contact us for service, completely free.

If you are not knowledgeable about coffee-tea, you cannot lay a good foundation for your coffee tea business compared to other stores. We are always looking forward to sharing with you our experience. Your success is our success.

Small is delicate !

     We, with the golden principle of doing business ” The best, not the biggest” believe that small businesses or shops are most suitable for providing high quality coffee tea products.

    Therefore, we decided to focus on small and medium-sized shops or businesses; Because of Dong Son we think small is wonderful. We are committed to providing you with a variety of high quality, varied Vietnamese coffee teas at the most affordable prices. We do not require quantity for each type of tea, you can start with an order of 5kg including a number of different teas. In addition, we are committed to providing sample tasting samples based on your order quantity as well as tea knowledge for you absolutely free

Quality ALWAYS wins in sales

Dong Son creates a unique environment suitable for growing high quality coffee teas. The variety of teas is due to the variety of varieties, the harvest season, the climate, and the different traditional craft processing. Tea lovers always appreciate good tea quality. Dong Son know that repeat bussiness depends on quality, not the cheapest price, so we try to sell the highest quality teas at the most affordable wholesale prices.

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