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Jasmine Oolong Tea


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Jasmine Oolong tea

Origin Place: Lam ha, Lam Dong, Vietnam.

Harvest Time: Summer

Fresh Leaf: one bud with two or three leaves. Dry Tea: twisted into small particles, in dark green color, glossy.

Tea Liquid:  yelowish color.

Taste : smooth and soft, subtle taste with scent and flavour of jasmine flowers. The tea is best for 5-6 infusions.
The tea is hand-plucked, with the support of varieties and technology from Taiwanese   which is cultivated in between 1,000 to 1,100 meters height, covered with clouds and mist all year around, nice and cool weather in four seasons, with wonderful fresh air. This is the reason that High Mountain tea is more excellent than low altitude tea. What’s more, this brings more opportunities for tea lovers to try different flavors.

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